Rooted Recommends: Surviving Doubt for College Students Taking Religion 101

In Surviving Doubt: Six Videos Providing Answers to Difficult Questions About the Christian Faith, Dr. Michael Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary speaks directly to college students taking Religion 101 early in their college careers. Acknowledging that often these classes are taught by professors who are at best skeptical and at worst hostile to the Christian faith, Dr. Kruger shares his own experience with doubt in college. The video series is “designed to help university students who are Christians navigate the complex intellectual challenges they will face when they step on a college campus.” However, this series is applicable to any Christian who is grappling with the intellectual challenges in our secular world.

In April 2021 Crossway will release Kruger’s new book, Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College, which is currently available for pre-order.

Share this series with your students or children. Watch with a senior small group to prepare them for the exciting challenges ahead. Hope this helps!

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