Rooted Conference

Rooted Conference

On The Mount

A gospel-centered youth ministry and parent conference

November 2-4, 2023 | Nashville, TN

A gospel-centered conference for youth ministers and parents of teens.

Equipping and empowering churches and parents to faithfully disciple teenagers to lifelong faith in
Jesus Christ. Join us for worship, fellowship, speakers, and workshops.

Rooted 2023

Sermon on the Mount

How can we find true human flourishing? The world we disciple our teenagers in today does not merely offer them an alternative way to live, but an alternative account of where true human flourishing is found. This competing vision encompasses all that we believe about ourselves, our bodies, justice, security, suffering, and meaning. In the most famous sermon in human history and the longest recorded teaching from Jesus’ ministry, our Lord gives us a wholistic vision of how we can live in a way that leads to our flourishing in every aspect of our lives. At the core, his teaching shows us that such flourishing is only found through faith in the God who created us and in Jesus Christ who is redeeming us. As we walk through the Sermon on the Mount together, our prayer is that the teachings of Jesus will invert and subvert the teachings of this world and compel our hearts to live in light of the Kingdom of God in faith.

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Rooted 2023 Parent Registration $150
November 2-4, 2023

Parents, join us for this unique, simple conference for youth ministers, volunteers and parents. It begins with the Gospel as the starting point and considers all matters in ministry and youth culture from that axis. This conference features great preaching, engaging biblical teaching, practical workshops, and music in an intimate atmosphere.

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Rooted 2023 Youth Ministry Registration $150
November 2-4, 2023

Youth Ministry workers, join us for this unique, simple conference for youth ministers, volunteers and parents. It begins with the Gospel as the starting point and considers all matters in ministry and youth culture from that axis. This conference features great preaching, engaging biblical teaching, practical workshops, and music in an intimate atmosphere.

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One-Day Parent Registration (Saturday Nov. 4) $50
November 4, 2023

If you’re a parent and can’t make it for the full three day conference, we would love to welcome you for a one-day only registration to join us Saturday, November 4! We will have two featured speakers and two workshops this day, along with music and fellowship. It will be a rich experience for you, and we hope you can join us!

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Featured Speakers


Our workshops topics and speakers are chosen by Rooted’s Steering Committees, two diverse groups of youth pastors and parents from different contexts and parts of the country. This year, Rooted 2023 will feature more than 20 different workshop topics and two tracks- one for youth ministers and volunteers and another for parents of teens.

  • Kelly Kapic – Discovering the Joy of Being a Creature

    In this seminar we will explore the pressures we often feel about always needing to do more, know more, and be more. When is it ever enough? With the endless pressure and the shame that often comes with such nagging expectations, we will carefully think through a more faithful theology and show how it can help liberate our lives.

  • Jared Kennedy – Helping Your Kids See Their Gender as a Gift for God’s Mission

    Like Buzz Lightyear at the Dinoco station believing he’s a real space man, we’re lost if we don’t know who we are and to Whom we belong. Parents are responsible to teach their children the Christlike character necessary to be a godly son or daughter, brother or sister, wife or husband, mother or father. Boys need to grow up into godly sons and potential fathers who can provide for and protect others. Girls need to grow up into godly daughters and potential mothers who cultivate the relational structures necessary for nurturing others.

  • Sissy Goff – Understanding Adolescents: The Back Door to Your Teen’s Heart

    How was your day? Fine. What’d you do in school today? Nothing.
    Countless parents of teenagers tell us it feels as if someone took their child, in the middle of the night, and replaced them with an alien who looks identical. If you have a child nearing the teenage years, or in the midst of them, you’ve already had this conversation…probably countless times. How do you get past it? How do you help them navigate the teenage years when they keep shutting the door as soon as you walk upstairs? How do you connect with them in a way that enables you to really connect with them in these last few years you have left? This class offers a paradigm shift for parents. You will leave this class equipped with:

    • ways to get past the one word answers
    • ideas of how to connect, even when they seem disinterested
    • discipline and responsibility strategies that mature as your child does

    The Back Door to Your Teen’s Heart is, we believe, a disarming approach to find your way back to the child you used to know, and draw out and even enjoy who they are becoming. Join us for this time to talk, laugh and encourage each other on this tumultuous journey of raising teens.

  • Mike McGarry – Pursuing Theological Depth in Youth Ministry

    We aren’t trying to be theology professors in the youth room. We’re youth pastors. But if we’re committed to making lifelong disciples, then we need to prioritize theological conversations as part of our evangelism and discipleship. This workshop will present a theological vision for student ministry that will prepare you to teach theologically with confidence.

  • Liz Edrington – Anxiety: The Better Story

    We live in a time where our students are struggling with anxiety more than ever. Our digital natives live with an influx of constant data – from global disasters to Tik Tok therapists who encourage self-diagnosis. So how does the Bigger Story of our Triune God offer hope in such a confusing, disorienting place? How does the reality of Jesus’ incarnation invite our students to more? In this workshop, we will discuss some of the individual and systemic causes of soaring teenage anxiety rates and consider the ways our Living Lord offers hope and comfort to the most anxious of souls.

  • Syler Thomas – Bootcamp for Parents of Teens and Tweens

    Parents of middle schoolers can carry as much anxiety about the high school years as students. What should I be ready for? What are the most important things I need to know as my kids enter these crucial years, before they head off to college? How can I best prepare them and myself to make the most of these years from a spiritual point of view?

  • Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – How to Help Your Child Navigate Video Games

    The video games your son is playing are vastly different from Mario Kart of the 1990s. Listen in on how things have changed (and why your child seems to be addicted), what’s good and what’s broken about video gaming, and the best practices you can use–for yourself and for your child–for managing video games.

  • Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – How to Help Your Child Navigate Social Media

    The social media apps your daughter is logging into are vastly different from the ones you first signed up for. Join us to hear how things have changed (and why your child seems to be addicted), what’s good and what’s broken about social media, and the best practices you can use–for yourself and for your child–on social media.

  • Cameron Cole – Basic Principles of Family Ministry

    Rooted established five pillars of GCYM back in 2011. How does those pillars relate to family ministry. This workshop will look at how the pillars of GCYM are applied and work simple, sustainable and achievable way.

  • Danny Kwon – Developing and Working with a Student Leadership Team

    There are a variety of perspectives and thoughts on student leadership in youth ministry.  Likewise, many have differing theologies and philosophies, and even pros and cons of their purpose and function. This session will outline and share ideas, rationale, and strategies for shaping and leading fruitful student leadership teams, as well as what are some issues one needs to consider and ponder as you craft student leadership teams in your youth ministry.

  • Monica Kwon – Walking Alongside Kids Living in Fear Post-Trauma

    As parents and even youth workers, we try our best to protect our children from trauma and violence while living in this broken world. Much like the Israelites who sojourned in the wilderness where danger abounded, we too live in a world where danger abounds. While pressing deep into the hope of Jesus awaiting his return, how can parents and youth workers comfort their kids after trauma and tragedy happen? This seminar will provide godly wisdom for parents and youth workers who seek to know how to walk alongside kids living in fear post trauma.

  • C.J. Moore – Planning Missions Trips for Youth Groups

    As part of our call to make disciples of all nations, student ministers should consider their role in equipping the next generations of disciple makers and missionaries through short-term mission trips. You have a tremendous opportunity to leverage these trips for the good of your students both now and well into the future. Many long-term missionaries will tell you that their call to missionary service took place through a trip like this as a student. They can be done wrong, but if done right, these trips can be worldview-shifting opportunities that make a significant difference in a student’s evangelistic life—whether they become missionaries, ministers, pastors, or faithful Christians serving in the workplace. So, how can you make the most of these opportunities? Whether you’ve already done it dozens of times or are looking to do it for the first time, come to this workshop where we’ll discuss the whole process—how to plan, recruit, train, serve, and return well for short-term mission trips.

  • Clark Fobes – Understanding and Teaching Sermon on the Mount

    The Sermon on the Mount is arguably the most famous portion of Scripture to the non-Christian world, and the most popular to study amongst Christians. In it we get some of the most in depth teachings from Jesus on discipleship and the Christian life. Given its popularity, however, there are no shortage of approaches to understanding its message. In this workshop, we’ll look at the common questions that arise from studying and teaching the Sermon on the Mount, and offer some approaches to help you as you study and teach it to your students. This workshop will also serve as a companion to the forthcoming Rooted curriculum on the Sermon on the Mount.

  • Danny and Monica Kwon – What Pastors Need to Know About Mental Health

    Mental health issues in serving teenagers in the church, families, and youth ministry is becoming a huge issue. As youth workers and parents, it can be difficult to understand all the issues and angles related to the mental health struggles of teenagers and how to best help them. This session will begin to contrast and outline what youth workers and parents can begin to embrace in serving teenagers and their mental health issues, and how a Psychologist and Christian Counseling perspective can inform youth workers, families, and parents, to better serve them in helping teenagers with mental health struggles.

  • Curtis Zachery – Finding Rest as a Weary Youth Pastor
  • Kerry Trunfio, Syler Thomas, and Connor Coskery – Shifting From Youth Ministry to Family Ministry Panel
  • Dawson Cooper, Anna Meade Harris, Luke Paiva, and Terrence Shay – Parenting Panel: Milestones and Traditions

Workshop Speakers

Musical Guests

Travel Plans

Rooted is partnering with several hotels near the conference site in order to provide our registrants the best discounts available.

View all of our discounted room blocks, distances from the hotel properties to the venue , amenities, special offers, and more. The conference will be hosted at Christ Community Church | 1215 Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37069 this year.
  • The Harpeth, Curio Collection by Hilton

    This room block is full. Check in with the hotel directly for rates and rooms. 

    • Distance: 2.3 miles
    • Location: 130 2nd Ave. N Franklin , TN 37064
    • Rate/Night: $284/night
    • *Please Note* This hotel will be the closest to the conference site. However, please stay tuned as we are securing room block at other hotels that are a little farther away, but less expensive.
    • Transportation During Conference: There is a local trolley that runs from the hotel to the conference site as well as other areas in Franklin. Here is more information on the trolley schedule. And for your convenience, you can use their app.


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