Rooted Conference

Rooted Conference

A Walk Through
The Book of Daniel

A gospel-centered youth ministry and parenting training conference

October 24-26, 2024 | Dallas, TX

A gospel-centered conference for youth ministers and parents of teens.

Equipping and empowering churches and parents to faithfully disciple teenagers to lifelong faith in
Jesus Christ. Join us for music, fellowship, speakers, and workshops.

Main Session Speakers

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  • Brad Blaylock – Apologetics in Youth Ministry
  • Cameron Cole – A Pathway for Safe and Healthy Tech Use

    Children’s access to technology is more than just a safety issue: it is a social justice matter. Today’s children are vulnerable to a variety of powers that exploit them through technology. This workshop will give parents a framework and pathway for how to lead children in the area of technology from elementary school through high school, leaning on both theology and developmental psychology. It will also provide youth pastors with a conceptual framework that they can use at their church to equip parents to protect their kids.

  • Jennifer Kvamme – Teaching Biblical Sexuality to Teens

    The Bible has gotten a bad rap lately when it comes to its teachings on sexuality. Many students think God hates gay people, or that the Bible’s teachings on sexuality are outdated and harmful, or that Christians think sex is bad. How do we communicate that there’s so much more to the story? We’ll look at six foundations for a gospel-shaped view of sexuality and discuss how we can communicate these truths in a way that points to the bigger story of redemption and displays God’s instructions not as just rules an limits but as a path to real freedom and joy.

  • Jennifer Kvamme – Answering the Tough Questions About Sexuality

    Why does it matter what pronouns someone uses? What’s the big deal with porn? Is God really against gay marriage? Students are asking lots of important and complex questions around sexuality, and these topics present us with an important but sometimes tough opportunity to show how the gospel shapes every area of life. How can we respond to their tough questions with the truth of Scripture and the grace of Jesus—and equip them, in turn, to answer the questions their friends may be asking of them.

  • Mike McGarry – Developing Expository Messages for Youth

    How do you write a sermon or Bible study? So much more is involved than doing your exegetical homework. How do you actually craft it into an outline or manuscript that engages students and prompts conversation? This workshop will take you from the brainstorming process through biblical exegesis and to a useful outline or manuscript. The process of developing an expository message for youth might look somewhat different for each of us, but it will include common mile markers along the way.

  • Mike McGarry – What difference does the Imago Dei make?

    Interestingly, many of today’s most controversial topics (gender, sexuality, marriage, racism, abortion, disability, and mental health to name a few) find their resolution in what it means that men and women are created in the image of God. So, what does the Bible say about the image of God and how can we teach this important doctrine to the students in our homes and churches? – this one

  • Richard Ross, PhD – Impacting the Spiritual Lives of Parents So They Can Lead Their Teenagers

    Parents can be the most powerful spiritual influence in the lives of their children. But parents cannot pass on what they do not have. This workshop will present practical ways youth leaders can take parents new places in their spiritual lives. And that includes youth leaders half the ages of the parents. Parents who come alive spiritually can mean a youth group that comes alive spiritually.


  • Jonathan Holmes – God, Gender, and Grace for Challenging Conversations
  • Jason Woodruff – Modeling a healthy relationship with politics during election season

    As our kids grow, so does their exposure to the news and politics. And, well… that’s terrifying. Today’s news cycle is constant, divisive, and often depressing. It unashamedly encourages anger and hatred towards political opponents and elevates political ideologies as our only source of hope. We want the next generation of Christians to be discerning about what really matters, find peace in Christ when things go wrong, love everyone even when it’s hard, and respond quickly with loving action. Thankfully, there are simple Biblical habits and boundaries to set that make these outcomes much more likely.

  • Jason Woodruff – Consuming news in the TikTok era. Who can you (and your teens) trust?

    The majority of Gen Z (and an increasing percentage of older generations) get their news from social media, specifically TikTok. This means instead of a few major media outlets with well-established reputations, we have millions of unaffiliated part-time “reporters.” Who can we trust? Where does God fit in? How do we talk about this with our teens? Learn how to consume and discuss the news with wisdom and discernment in the TikTok era.


  • Kristen Hatton – Parenting Ahead
  • Syler Thomas – What Youth Pastors’ Families Want Them to Know

    Youth ministers with kids have to be “all-in” as a family. But how can you be fully committed to the ministry God has called you to while also caring for and guarding your family? Drawing on feedback from his four adult children and his wife, and with 25 years of youth ministry successes and failures behind him, Syler Thomas will unpack a path for how to honor and incorporate your family into your ministry while also protecting them— including what to do (and not do) when your own kids join youth group.

  • Justin Wong – The Eras Tour: Navigating Longevity in Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry

    Step into a transformative journey led by Dr. Justin Wong, a veteran youth ministry leader, as we uncover the profound impact and personal challenges of longevity in local church youth ministry. Together, we’ll explore strategies for maintaining a steadfast gospel-centered focus amidst shifting cultural currents, cultivating authentic connections, and fostering lasting spiritual growth.

  • Vince Greenwald – Gospel + Safety + Time

    Every youth minister wants kids to feel welcome in their youth ministry, but what does a hospitable youth ministry actually look like? And what do young people most need from their churches? Vince will unpack the paradigm of Gospel + Safety + Time as a guiding principle of developing a gospel culture in youth ministry, and differentiate between what this looks like for kids in middle school vs. kids in high school.

  • Danny Kwon, Josh Hussung, and Isaiah Marshall | Missions and Youth Ministry
    Missions and in particular Short Term Missions Trips can be a valuable tool in youth ministry, to serve the communities we go to serve, as well as for the students and leaders who participate.  However, there is a wide ranging perspective of how to do them effectively.  In this workshop, 3 experienced practitioners will each share their philosophy of ministry and practices for short term missions.  Similarly, their diverse perspectives will be helpful for youth ministries as we consider how short term missions can be part of our ministries.

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October 24-26, 2024

Parents, join us for this unique, simple conference for youth ministers, volunteers and parents. It begins with the Gospel as the starting point and considers all matters in ministry and youth culture from that axis. This conference features engaging biblical teaching, practical workshops, and music in an intimate atmosphere.

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Rooted 2024 Parent Registration $175
October 24-26, 2024

Youth Ministry workers, join us for this unique, simple conference for youth ministers, volunteers and parents. It begins with the Gospel as the starting point and considers all matters in ministry and youth culture from that axis. This conference features engaging biblical teaching, practical workshops, and music in an intimate atmosphere.

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October 25-26, 2024

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