About Rooted Reservoir

About Rooted Reservoir

Rooted Ministry created Rooted Reservoir in pursuit of its mission to equip and educate youth ministers and parents to faithfully disciple students toward lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. 

As our online content (blog, podcasts and videos) continued to grow, we often received requests for curriculum and training. In July 2020, we launched Rooted Reservoir, an online training platform with videos, curriculum and a teaching illustration bank specifically designed to equip youth pastors. The response was amazing, and in our second year we more than doubled the number of churches who utilize the platform. We currently offer curriculum packages covering 20 books of the bible and 60 training videos. 

In 2021, Christian Smith released research in a new book, Handing Down the Faith: How Parents Pass Their Religion on to the Next Generation, citing that parents, by far, are the most successful and influential player in their kids adopting the Christian faith compared to any other influence. This came as no surprise to us since we had been expanding our offerings for parents over the last several years. But we wanted to do more to equip parents in the church.  

So in the fall of 2022, we launched Rooted Reservoir: Family Discipleship Curriculum which currently consists of 8 video parenting courses with corresponding Bible studies designed to be used in small group settings. For a full list of parenting courses, click here. 

Rooted’s hope and prayer is that all the content in Rooted Reservoir will help equip youth pastors, parents and churches as a whole to effectively disciple children to know and love Jesus. 

We are a resource you can trust to help you disciple the next generation!

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To God be the Glory! His blessings on this journey have been abundant.