Youth Ministry Mentorship

Cohorts and Curriculum

Follow and work through a comprehensive 15-session curriculum alongside others in a similar stage of ministry and led by experienced youth pastors.

One-on-One Coaching

Spend focused, one-on-one time each month with your mentor as they guide you and offer practical advice in the role of ministry the Lord has called you into.

Rooted Reservoir Access

Enjoy access to one curriculum package of your choice and our large collection of youth ministry training videos, illustrations, and other resources.

Rooted Certification

All mentees who complete the program will receive a certificate.


The Rooted Youth Ministry Mentorship Program is designed to provide both small group and individual coaching for youth pastors who are in their first three years of youth ministry or youth ministers who are transitioning to a gospel-centered approach. 

The program is one-and-a-half years (including two months off in the summer) wherein small groups of 4-6 youth ministers are led by one mentor in both a cohort and an individual setting through a carefully crafted 15-month curriculum designed to help you grow spiritually as an individual and as a youth minister. 

The comprehensive curriculum, designed by and for youth pastors, covers all facets of youth ministry from Bible teaching, relational discipleship, equipping and training volunteers, missions, retreats and crisis management. 

The cost for each mentee is $1,000. This covers all 15 months of meetings and content in addition to an 18-month subscription to a Rooted Reservoir Standard Youth Ministry Plan.

At the end of the program, we expect you’ll be more proficient in teaching the Bible to students, you’ll feel more comfortable partnering with parents, and you’ll be better equipped to handle crisis situations among other things. Additionally, you’ll receive a Rooted Youth Ministry Certificate to signal that you’ve completed our mentorship program.

Our fall program is at capacity. But, if you want to join the list for our January 2024 start date, please complete the form below. The application to enroll this winter is available on our site now.

If you have questions about the program, contact Rebecca Lankford at

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What other’s are saying:
“I am especially thankful for the one on one calls because they offer a place to ask the tough questions.”

Mitch in Urbana

“It’s been really helpful to have a guide who can teach me how to do sustained gospel-centered youth ministry. He also pours into me as a minister.”

Dave in Traverse City

“I am just thankful to have a person I can call who knows me and helps me deal with the unique challenges I face in youth ministry. “

Dallas in Birmingham

Interested in Family Ministry Mentorship instead? Rooted also offers a program for volunteers, associate pastors or anyone who oversees family ministry in their church.
Family Ministry Mentorship

Wading into youth ministry can be overwhelming. It’s more overwhelming if you don’t have someone to lean on and learn from. The Rooted Mentorship Program was created for new youth pastors in precisely this situation.
The Rooted Mentorship Program allows you to spend 18 months alongside a small group of your peers learning from a veteran mentor who will help you develop as a youth pastor and grow in your personal walk with the Lord. You don’t need to wade through the challenges of ministry alone. We are here for you!