Rooted’s Most- Watched YouTube Videos of 2022

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Rooted’s YouTube channel grew by leaps and bounds during 2022! We are excited to share with you our most-watched videos of the year. Now that we are posting weekly, subscribe to receive our latest content. We look forward to all we have to share with you in the new year!

What Christianity Has to Offer the World with Russell Moore

Russell Moore joins the Rooted Conference to speak on fatherhood and the reliableness of God and the importance of God as our father in sharing the gospel with the next generation.

How to Change the Heart of a Teenager with Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp weighs in on parenting teenagers as a Christian. He shares more about how the gospel changes the hearts of teenagers, and how we as parents can help play a part in it. Youth Ministers and parents alike will enjoy the full conversation on the Rooted Parent Podcast.

Why Does God Allow Suffering? with Tish Harrison Warren

Tish Harrison Warren discusses the promises of God in our suffering — eternal life which goes hand in hand with knowing the one true God. She states that all we have to offer the next generation is the profound mystery of knowing God. Navigating suffering in youth ministry is so hard, but what God offers to us and to the next generation even amid suffering is eternal life – even on earth as it is in heaven.

Successful Youth Ministers Do This with Russell Moore

Russell Moore shares what makes the most successful youth ministers so successful in the long-term, Biblical sense of the word.

Don’t Be Afraid of Parenting Teenagers with Paul David Tripp

Be encouraged as Tripp reminds us that we serve a practical God, and the truth of his gospel has helpful, practical applications as we seek to raise children who will glorify God and serve him with gladness.