Rooted Webinar: Sharing Jesus with Unchurched Teenagers

We’re sharing the recording of our May 2022 webinar on evangelism in youth ministry in case you missed it. On this live call, Rooted friends Clark Fobes, Katie Polski, and Arek O’Connell reflect on how we can break down us-versus-them divisions in friendships with teenagers and create a sense of belonging for those outside the church so they can hear the gospel.

 Recommended Resources on Teenagers and Evangelism: 

How to Reach the West Again Podcast by Tim Keller and Redeemer City to City

Center for Parent-Youth Understanding with Walt Mueller (Check out the blog, as well as the 3D guide for culture.)

We hope these resources help to equip and encourage you as you share the gospel with teenagers in your church and community. And we pray that many young people will come to trust in Jesus through God’s work in your ministries.