Rooted Conference: Tish Harrison Warren, “Working, Watching, Weeping”

“So, if we cannot trust God to keep bad things from happening to us, how do we trust God at all?”

In this episode of the Rooted Conference Podcast you’ll hear Tish Harrison Warren describing the practices of weeping, watching, and working as ways to help the teenagers you love when they are in a season of grief. She wants us to invite teenagers to read the Psalms regularly, giving them a vocabulary of emotions and leading them to trust the Savior who went through all those emotions for us. Lament in particular is a practice Americans tend to want to avoid, but the Bible invites us to voice our sorrow, angst, anguish, and even doubt directly to God. Warren also invites us to be joyfully expectant that God is at work, and finally, to consider how we might join him in the work of the Kingdom that he is already doing. 

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