Rooted Parent Top Ten March- April 2023

Welcome to the Rooted Parent Top Ten, a curated list of resources from across the web that we believe will be helpful to parents raising teenagers. Here you’ll find articles, podcasts, and videos to support you in gospel- centered discipleship and interpreting youth culture. While most are gospel focused, others are included because they include a message of common grace. (The opinions presented in these articles do not necessarily reflect the position of Rooted Ministry.) At the end, you’ll find Rooted resources compiled from the last month’s new offerings. We hope this resource is helpful!

Gospel Centered Parenting

Youth Pastors Ditch Gross-Out Games and Help Youth Ministry Grow Up by Ericka Anderson, Christianity Today. This one isn’t a holdover from the youth ministry top ten; this article is crucial for parents too. “Youth groups partnering with parents will have the strongest outcomes for lasting faith.”

Truths and Tips for Discipling Teens by Jen Oshman, TGC. “You and I are called to shepherd and love our kids, and to give them the tools they need for spiritual growth, but only God can produce spiritual fruit in them.” 

Everyone Fails the Parent Test by Katy Padilla, “No matter how you want to do it, identifying the ‘most effective parenting style’ is like finding the best cactus to embrace. You can choose the one with the least amount of thorns, but good luck finding one with none.”

The Father’s Way: When Good Parents Say Yes and No by Joe Rigney, Desiring God.”First, it is good and right for us to limit the number of noes we place on our kids. While we will surely need more than one (after all, we do live in a fallen world), it’s noteworthy that the foundation of Israel’s life was the Ten Commandments, and that in the New Testament, Jesus captures the Ten with Two: love God with all you have, and love your neighbor as yourself…”

Protect Teens from Sextortion by John Perritt, TGC. “Smartphones must be handled in the same manner as keys to a vehicle. Lives are at stake when we place a smartphone in the hands of a child. Establish boundaries, as you would around car use. Set a reasonable limit on daily screen time, eliminate isolated screen time as much as possible, and implement a curfew for the device.”

How to make the most of the Parental Settings on your Child’s Phone by Andrew Noble. TGC. “It should go without saying that it’s unsafe to give kids unrestricted and untrained access to a smartphone. Parents who love set boundaries. Yet balance is needed. Training a child in the fear of the Lord will include giving repeated opportunities to grow in self-control, wisdom, and responsibility.”

Teen Culture

Kids in Utah will need parents’ OK to access social media by Sam Metz and Barbara Ortutay, Associated Press. “Two laws signed by Republican Gov. Spencer Cox Thursday prohibit kids under 18 from using social media between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., require age verification for anyone who wants to use social media in the state and open the door to lawsuits on behalf of children claiming social media harmed them.”

Fortnite Creative 2.0 Might Change Everything by Chris Martin, “We are still probably a decade or more away from a sort of true “metaverse” that a majority of people regardless of age are accessing on a daily basis, but this is a big development toward that end, I guess is what I’m trying to say.”

What to Do When Your Teen’s Heart Is Breaking by Justin Coulson. “Your teen needs you to be available to them in a non-controlling way. Whether with you or alone, this is a time for them to grieve and process the big, crushing emotions they are experiencing. It is during these difficult times that the quality of your relationship with your teenager will be a significant influence on her well-being and resilience.”

A Series You Should Know About

6 Ways that Christian Students Can Prepare for College: #1 Take This Transition Seriously by Michael Kruger, Canon Fodder. This series is ongoing but will be helpful to share with your juniors and seniors. “… students need to remember that Christians can have wonderful spiritual experiences at big universities.”

For Asian American College Students Interested in Writing

Introducing the Sola College Writing Cohort by Soojin Park. “To all our SOLA Network readers and listeners: I am thrilled to announce the launch of a new writing cohort for college-age students to receive mentorship and training as young Christian writers. I will personally be leading this initiative, and I am very excited at the prospect of nurturing the next generation of Asian American thinkers and writers who will help encourage and edify the Church.”

On Rooted

Dads, Daughters, and a Willingness to Learn and Grow by Gordon Bals

Helping Your Teenager Lament by Christina Fox

A Letter to My Daughter About Her Body by Katherine Stine

Hungry for More: Facing Our Idols in the Allure of Ozempic by Kristen Hatton

Simplicity and Sincerity: Advice and Encouragement for Reading the Bible With Your Family by Joey Turner.