Rooted 2022: Living Hope, A Walk Through 1 Peter

As we experience the pains of a perishing, defiled, and fading world, our hope can feel distant or idle. Yet in Christ, we are born again to a hope that is both living and active. We no longer have to count our trials as foes. We can rejoice in a hope which does not put us to shame, knowing it is offering us a gift more precious than gold– a tried and true faith. 

Join us for our annual conference Rooted 2022 on October 6-8, 2022 in Kansas City as we survey 1 Peter together. Our prayer is that we would have renewed eyes to see that which is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for us by our living hope. 

Our annual conference is for those who minister to teenagers– both youth ministers and parents. The conference features great preaching, engaging biblical teaching, practical workshops and sincere worship at the most intimate atmosphere you’ve ever encountered at a conference. This year’s conference will feature speakers Jared Wilson, Cameron Cole, Clark Fobes, Kendal Conner, and many more. 

Register today! Our first 10 registrants will receive a $20 coupon for our onsite bookstore at the conference, Also, we’re adding to our lineup each week, and we’d love your feedback. Come on over to our private Facebook Group and our Instagram to share your workshop ideas!

Our hope for every conference is not for those in attendance to walk away with a long “to do” list or the feeling that they have to “do better,” but that they leave resting in the grace of Jesus. Our chairman ends each conference with these same words of grace: “The gospel is rest. The gospel means that Jesus carries the burden of your life. The gospel means you will never have to prove yourself again. Because God will love you perfectly through the life and death of the resurrected Christ forever.” 


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