Rooted Resources on Pornography

While not the most fun topic to address, we at Rooted believe it is essential that we equip youth pastors and parents with the tools they need to faithfully engage the topic of pornography with teenagers. Below, you will find a list of articles and podcasts from Rooted related to pornography. We pray that these resources bless you as you point teenagers to a God of infinite mercy and grace.


Prayers for a Teenager Struggling with Pornography by Joey Turner

“Instead of focusing on my teens’ struggles, I will remember the deeds of the Lord; Yes, I will remember your wonders of old. I will ponder all of your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.”

New Study of Teenagers and Pornography: Three Things Youth Ministers Need to Know by Chelsea Erickson

The Good News for the teenager struggling with pornography use is that Jesus lived the perfect life that he could never hope to live, died in his place for every wrong thing he has done, and rose again to give him a brand new life with God.

Ask Rooted: How Does the Gospel Comfort and Guide My Student Who is Struggling with Porn?

The good news of the Gospel is that in Jesus Christ the promise of forgiveness endures for all eternity. The forgiveness of sin brings freedom from shame, guilt, and condemnation. The outworking of this forgiveness is that even amid sin, God looks upon his children and says, “I still love you.”

The Poison of Law and Shame: Merciful Responses to Teens and Sexual Sin by Cameron Cole

The message for kids: hate and run from your sexual sin but love and embrace the God who erases your sins through the Cross and regards them no more, the God who makes you lovable and delightful.

Imago Dei in Youth Ministry by Liz Edrington

When we hold man’s depravity (his utterly sinful bent) in tension with his dignity (the reality that God created him in His image in a way that means His very glory is displayed individually in each of us), we do a much better job of conveying the story God tells us about His kingdom in Scripture.


Ask Alice: Let’s Talk About Pornography with Tal Prince

In this episode Alice talks to Tal Prince, a sexual addition expert and therapist about pornography. Tal provides some great advice on how to talk to your kids about sex and pornography, set filters on their devices and boundaries to teach them to use technology responsibly.

Addressing the Elephant: Teaching and Talking about Porn with Students by Dan Wilson

In his workshop at the 2015 Rooted Conference, Dan Wilson talked about “the elephant” in the room: sexual struggle. He said, “Why don’t we ask students what we needed to be asked? Something like, ‘How is your struggle with porn?’ Or in a female scenario, ‘How is your struggle for sexual purity in your relationships and in your mind?’”

Rooted Conference: “Can We Talk About Porn?” by Tal Prince

In his workshop at the 2021 Rooted Conference, Tal Prince explained how the epidemic of pornography is different for today’s youth, and how youth ministers and parents can talk about it.

Interested in more resources on this topic? Check out the featured course on Rooted Reservoir Family Discipleship: “Talking To Your Children About Pornography”