Rooted Recommends: Transformation of a Transgender Teen

The rise of gender dysphoria among teenagers in America has caught many parents by surprise, and there’s a real shortage of helpful resources for Christians who want to love transgender kids and their families well. That’s why we were so grateful for this article from our friends over at TGC: Transformation of a Transgender Teen tells the moving story of a mother and father whose daughter journeyed through dysphoria and arrived back at her God-given gender. By God’s grace, her parents were able to demonstrate their great love for her while maintaining biblical truth about her God-ordained identity as a young woman. And again by God’s grace, their daughter was able to receive the love and the truth they offered and be restored to God’s design for her life. We encourage you to read the article to understand the struggles that these children and their families face, and read to find hope in the power of our loving God.

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