Rooted Parent Top Ten June- July 2021

Welcome to this month’s Rooted Parent Top 10 – a list of parenting articles from across the web for the Rooted community. This list represents ten articles we believe will encourage and equip you as you parent your kids. At the end of the list we have included several of the pieces that ran on Rooted Parent over the last month. If you have an article you’d like to contribute to the next edition of the Top Ten, please email Anna at 

Gospel Centered Parenting

Are Christian Parents Too Protective of Their Children? By Michael Kruger, Canon Fodder. “As nervous Christian parents, sometimes we think our number one job is to make sure our kids are never exposed to any non-Christian thinking. We may be tempted to place our children inside a sanitized theological bubble, safe from all forms of intellectual contamination. But, just like germ-conscious parents, this may not be accomplishing what we think.”

Parenting Like God: Tenderness, Affection, and Patience by Justin Holcomb, Core Christianity. “Love is one grand secret of successful training. Anger and harshness may frighten, but they will not persuade the child that you are right; and if she sees you often out of temper, you will soon cease to have her respect.”

The Good News of Suffering: Christian Parents Reflect on the Lessons of Disability by Matt Dodd, TGC Australia. “It is possible to hold immense joy and deep grief simultaneously. I think when our son was first born, I felt that if I expressed my grief to anyone, they would think that I wasn’t also incredibly joyful to be his mum. I now know that it is ok to hold both and express both.”

I Believe the Children Are (Not) Our Future by Stefano Mariotti, TGC. “Children, like every other generation in our churches, are the present.”

The Dearest Ache: Loving A Teenager by Melissa, “At times loving a teenager feels like trying to hug a cactus; yet, I can’t ignore the beauty in it.”

Moms and Dads, Show Them Your Need by the Bee Hive. “If the discipline and wisdom I offer my kids comes from a place as a fellow sinner and fool it is offered and received from a completely different posture than if I offer discipline and wisdom to my kids as one untouched by sin and failure.”

Five Questions for Every Father by Brian Pitts, “But as a Christian father, your call is higher than the cultural norms of provision and attention.  You are called to intention.”

Youth Culture

Why Is There A Cult of Youth in the Modern West? By Akos Balogh, “…children can possess wisdom beyond their years. And many adults behave foolishly. But for a society to look to children for wisdom simply because they’re children is a society that’s slowly losing its way.”

The Most Effective Technology on the Planet to Block Pornography by Justin Taylor, TGC. “Canopy is a tech company on a mission to create a world of healthy tech users. We think the Internet is amazing, but recognize that it isn’t always safe for children.”

Reading and Talking About Sexuality by Hayley, “The following books reviewed by the team provide some more great places to start and ways to engage with faith, the Gospel, and Christian sexuality. Consider these books a response to Pride Month.”

3 Ways Parents Can Hep Kids Navigate Transgender Ideology by Maria Baer, TGC. “ If Christians want to maintain the credibility required for telling our friends and neighbors the truth about Jesus, that he rose from the dead and is the image of the invisible God, what we say about all reality matters. As people of truth, we simply can’t afford to lie about our created bodies—no matter how good our intentions.”


Recently TGC ran an article that caught our attention here at the Rooted blog. In What Teens Need from Parents: A Counselor’s Perspective, counselor Leia Joseph shares six insights she has received through working with teens in crisis. We liked her list so much we decided to explore each point separately, and we’ll add a couple of ideas of our own. We hope Joseph’s guidance – and our additional thoughts – are helpful to you as you love and lead your teenagers.

On Rooted this month, check out our What Teenagers Need From Parents series:

Care That Extends Beyond the Home by Katie Polski

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Expect Failure and Success by Dawson Cooper 

Trust That God’s Plan Is Better Than Yours by Becky Paynter

Loving Relationship, Not Friendship by Carolyn Lankford

Let Them Know You Enjoy Them by Anna Meade Harris

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