The Youth Ministry Discipleship Opportunity That COVID-19 Has Brought with Cameron Cole and Rebecca Lankford (Rooted 2020 Conference)

This week we continue sharing content from our 2020 Microconferences. The following is a workshop on discipleship with Cameron Cole and Rebecca Lankford.

The COVID-19 crisis has posed challenges in youth ministry, but it has also create opportunities. This workshop will talk about the opportunity for greater one-on-one discipleship that the COVID-19 season brings. Two youth pastors will talk about the pivot they made to focus on helping students grow in their individual relationships with Christ when COVID-19 hit. Rebecca Lankford and Cameron Cole will offer practical direction on how to make the most of this opportunity and how to implement a mentoring and discipleship program that will lead students to greater life in Christ.

Discussion questions

  1. Have you experienced a similar change in your discipleship model due to Covid-19? If so, how has your ministry adapted?
  2. Has COVID-19 knocked out any parts of your ministry? What new opportunities for discipleship has Covid opened up?
  3. How would you describe the majority your students’ personal relationship with Jesus? Discuss some potential changes you could make to help your students abide in Christ in their daily lives.
  4. Discuss what it would look like for your ministry to do more 1-1 mentoring with students. What are potential obstacles to this? What about potential benefits?
  5. What paradigm or framework do you tend to use in your discipleship conversations with students?
  6. Abiding in Christ is obviously not just important for our students, but for us as well. If we are not abiding in Christ, our ministries will quickly suffer. How do you make sure you personal relationship with Jesus remains your top priority? How has Covid helped or hurt in this way
  7. What new ideas or perspectives did you get from this workshop?


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