Practical Tips for Doing Digital Ministry (Part One)

Here’s a video with some basic best practices for doing video ministry. There’s more to come down the pipeline with regards to getting the hang of how we connect with our students when we’re not able to meet physically.  Here’s a few of the topics covered:
1) For those inexperience with video ministry, where do we need to focus on first?
2) What are some low cost options for making sure my audio is good?
3) What should I be thinking about with regards to live streaming versus pre-recorded video?
4) What are the best free video editing software available for PC or Mac?
5) What should I do about hosting small groups online?
6) When we should we be posting our videos?
Further learning and links to the things I talk about in the video

Some basic tutorials and comparisons on the different kinds of cameras there are out there:

Kajabi Video Tutorial comparing Cameras:

Audio for Video Comparison and Tutorial:

More on microphones:

Best practices for Livestreaming:

A great primer on Live-streaming:


Boya Lavalier Mic

iPhone Tripod

*Quick note – cheap tripods are not very durable.  They use plastic parts that can break.  If you’re on a budget, they’re good, but you have to be gentle with these.  If you have the budget, you should upgrade to something more durable:

Neewer Aluminum Monopod

Ailun Tripod Phone Mount Holder

Check this space tomorrow for a video tutorial on a walkthrough of the Zoom platform and how it can be used for ministry and what we’ve been doing to have some great small group meetings online.

Kevin Yi is the college and young adults pastor at Church Everyday in Northridge, CA and has been serving youth students for over 16 years. He was a bi-vocational pastor for most of this time and has been in the animation industry for over 13 years. He is the founder of He and his wife Tracy are celebrating thirteen years of marriage together and have three children: Caden, Isabella, and Ian. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology at Talbot Theological Seminary.

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