For Parents Near the End of Senior Year

Remember those sleepless nights, trying to rock a baby to sleep after a long day of nothing more interesting than wiping spitup off your shoulder? You thought this time would never come. You could not imagine that baby grown and driving a car and about to head off into their own life. And now that day is almost here. We, like our kids, are both prepared and unprepared for the changes to come.

Oh, the places they will go! and oh, how grateful we are for the God who goes with them.

Below are some resources from the Rooted blog for parents of high school seniors from parents who have been there:

Why We Don’t Have to Fear Sending a Child Off to College by Carolyn Lankford. “Letting them go is nothing less than an act of faithfulness. As we make up their beds in a tiny freshman dorm and reverently organize their stuff within the new storage bins, we are saying “yes” to God, the perfect and supreme parent of our children.”

When You Wish You Could Go Back: A Word for Parents of Graduates by Jennifer Phillips. “He is gracious to redeem and shape my son’s heart on my very best and worst days, because His faithfulness to my son is not contingent upon me keeping my cool, or having the exact right thing to say, or making the best decisions.”

Dear Parent of a High School Senior by Anna Meade Harris. “Because of the Gospel, I know that the ‘good old days’ have not passed us by; the best is yet to come.”

Three Reminders for Our College Bound Kids by Kristen Hatton. “Because my husband had been a campus minister for nearly eight years, we were well aware of the predominant hook-up and drinking culture on college campuses.”

God’s Goodness in Parenting Transitions by Katie Polski. “It’s truly beautiful to see a child grow and mature and contribute to society, but it’s equally challenging to let them go.”

Preparing Teens For Homesickness in College by Alice Churnock. “We are all homesick for the place where we don’t have to pretend to be the perfect version of ourselves, for the place where we can rest.”

Five Ways to Send Your Kids to College With Confidence in the Bible by Keri Folmar. “Whether they’re students in high school, graduates about to go to college, or young adults entering the working world, it’s vitally important for our children to know the Bible is true and applies across times and cultures.”

Rooted Recommends: Anchored Passion, Resources for College Students and Young Adults by Cole Shiflet. ‘Developed by college students for college students, Anchored Passion provides gospel-centered encouragement to young people who are venturing out into the world for the first time.”

Rooted Recommends: Surviving Doubt for College Students Taking Religion 101 by Rooted. “In Surviving Doubt: Six Videos Providing Answers to Difficult Questions About the Christian Faith, Dr. Michael Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary speaks directly to college students taking Religion 101 early in their college careers.”

New Growth Press is offering a special bulk rate for The Jesus I Wish I Knew In High School. We think it makes a fantastic graduation gift for high school seniors! The Coupon code is ROOTED, and you will save 35% off retail price on 10 or more copies. Coupon expires May 31, 2022. Purchase from New Growth here.

Finally, check out these devotionals on our Rooted Resources page. Any of these would make great graduation gifts for your child and their friends.

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