FINALLY! Recordings from the 2015 Conference in Chicago

We’re a little late (okay a year late…stop judging) on releasing these, but better late than never! We heard some truly amazing speakers at our conference in Chicago last year and, while we prep the recordings from this year’s conference in San Diego, we thought we’d let you enjoy these incredible talks and workshops as a little teaser.

David Plant | “The Season of Betrayal: Knowing Our Deceptive Hearts, Seeing Our Need for Community”

Scotty Smith | “Why Did Jesus Come? The Measureless Grace of the Incarnation”

Mary Wilson | “The Incarnation and the Teenage Soul”

Scotty Smith | “Cultivating an Incarnational Community of Grace”

Peter Ong | “Christ’s Ministry Beyond a Shadow of Doubt”

Cameron Cole | “Good News for People Pleasers”

Mark Senter | “Youth Ministry: Rooted in the Gospel”

Liz Edrington | “The Trinity, Attachment Theory, and the Power of Relationship”

Mike McGarry | “Youth Ministry as Bridge Between Church and Home: Partnering with Parents”

Dr. Dan Wilson | “Addressing the Elephant: Teaching and Talking about Porn with Students”

Philip Walkley | “Culture Shift: Student Ministry and Serving the Poor”

Peter Ong | “Saving Face: The Distinct Latent Treasures and Dangers of Asian  American Youth Ministry”

Elisabeth Elliott | “Reforming the International Mission Trip”

Eric McKiddie | “Bringing Out the Life Changing Power of the Bible’s Nitty-Gritty Details”

Dave Wright | “Integrated! Getting Students Into the Life of the Church”