Chris Li

Chris has been doing youth ministry for the last 5 years and got his M.Div. from Talbot School of Theology. He and his wife Jessica live in Orange County where he serves as the High School Pastor at Mariners Church. Chris enjoys reading, sports, rap music, shows, movies and coffee.

How to Preach to Gen Z Students

Teenagers have short attention spans. Teenagers have no filter. But teenagers are also in a critical season of their lives when they need wisdom, comfort, encouragement, truth, and hope.

A God of Promises: Christmas Devotional for Teenagers

We are loved by a God who always keeps his promises. The Old Testament is rich with promises concerning our coming Messiah, and from the opening lines of Matthew, we begin to see those promises perfectly fulfilled, starting with the most…

Youth Ministries Need a Gospel Anchor

Being a teenager is difficult because almost everything changes. A handful of students face the challenge of new classes, schools, cities, states, and countries. Many cycle through different phases, friend groups, and fads. For Gen Z, uncertainty is…