Rooted2014 Audio: Andrew Wilson on Freedom

“Let it go, let it go” has become one of the great refrains of our day – now, just what is it actually saying about freedom?  In his talk on Romans 6, Andrew Wilson explores true freedom and reveals the differences between Frozen’s message of self-actualization and Scripture’s picture of true freedom in Christ.

  • Is freedom more than being liberated from external constraints (such as “what they expect of you”)?
  • What impact does Jesus have on freedom for the believer?


Andrew Wilson is an elder and teaching pastor at Kings Church in Eastbourne (UK). He has theology degrees from Cambridge (MA) and London School of Theology (MTh), and he is currently studying for a Ph.D. at Kings College in London. Andrew is the author of Deluded by Dawkins, Incomparable, God Stories and, most recently, If God Then What? Wondering Aloud about Truth, Origins and Redemption. He has also written articles for The Times and Christianity. He often blogs at Think Theology.

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