What the Bible Says About Parenting: The Temptation to Use Our Children for our Own Agendas

“As parents, we have to first keep our spiritual house¬†clean.”

Most parents would like to think we would never use our children to serve our own agendas, but the temptation to manipulate our children to get what we want is more subtle than it might appear. In this episode of the podcast, Cameron and Anna examine the shocking example of Laban, who tricks Jacob into marrying both of his daughters. Upon closer examination, every person in the story is using the others to fulfill their own needs and wants, though some are more sinned against than sinning. The end result is complete dysfunction that divides a father from his daughters, alienates two sisters who need each other, and traps Jacob in two contentious marriages. What does this have to do with our contemporary families? Parents have a lot to learn from this unfortunate family.