What Does Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry Actually Look Like? (A Conversation with Arek O’Connell)

As the new school year begins, you may find yourself asking, “What is gospel-centered youth ministry? And how do I start leading in that direction?”

Join host Davis Lacey for a deep-dive conversation with Arek O’Connell, High School and Young Adult Youth Pastor at Hillside Community Church (Grand Rapids, MI). Arek explains how he used to be more of a “fun friend” than a pastor to teenagers, and how that approach left him feeling burnt-out and discouraged. Then he explains how the gospel transformed him, his approach to youth ministry, and the teenagers whom he shepherded. Filled with resource suggestions and practical advice, we hope you’ll be equipped as you hear Arek’s story on this episode of the Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast.

Episode Notes:

Arek’s Rooted Author Page: https://www.rootedministry.com/author/arek-oconnell/

David Choi’s 2018 Conference Talk: https://www.rootedministry.com/podcast/rooted-podcast-dave-choi-on-beholding-the-glory-of-god/

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