Hope and Perseverance in Youth Ministry: Intergenerational Integration with Emmie Thompson

“The high school volunteer and college volunteer piece is so important to us because it’s really showing middle schoolers what being a high school Christian looks like, and they see that being embodied.”

 In this episode, Danny sits down to talk with Emmie Thompson, co-director of Middle School Ministry at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church on Lookout Mountain, TN and Adjunct Professor of Youth Ministry at Covenant College. Emmie reflects on different and distinct ways to promote intergenerational integration in youth ministry, not only adults to students, but older students to young students. Emmie also talks about investing in high school and college leaders, as well as adults, so her middle schoolers can benefit from these intergenerational relationships directly and indirectly. Finally, she speaks about the realities and difficulties in youth ministry and how to persevere through them.  

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