What the Bible Says About Parenting: The “Worthless” Sons of Eli

In permissive parenting, connection with the child is always prioritized over, rather than balanced with, respect for authority.

In the episodes of the Rooted Parent Podcast, Cameron and Anna discuss the pitfalls of permissive parenting. Despite best intentions, sometimes parents fall into the trap of pleasing their kids rather than wisely frustrating their whims and desires. The tale of the priest Eli and his sons, contrasted with the story of Hannah and Samuel, helps us to see how permissive parenting can truly contribute to our kids’ ruin, while choosing to serve God in our parenting can lead our kids to a fruitful adulthood. Certainly, children become adults and make their own choices. At some point parents are not responsible for their kids’ behavior, be it “worthless” or wise, but bringing our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is a much more loving path for parents to choose.


  • 1 Samuel chapters 1-3
  • Matthew 10:34-39