The Five Pillars: Foundations of Youth Ministry – Panel

In this very special episode of the Rooted Conference podcast, you will hear Rooted staff and steering committee members discuss the five pillars of gospel-centered youth ministry: gospel centrality, theological depth through Biblical teaching, relational discipleship, partnering with parents, and intergenerational integration. Moderator Davis Lacey will engage with Rooted founder Cameron Cole, Chelsea Erickson, Clark Fobes, Davis Brashler, and Josh Hussung to describe the essential function of each pillar, and how each contributes to a vibrant, faith-building youth ministry.

Gospel Centrality: “You get into youth ministry with the hope that you’re going to see changed lives, that you’re going to see people transformed and brought alive, and the natural propensity is to think what’s going to do that is exhortation and behavior modification, when in reality what transforms people and effectuates changed lives is the gospel itself.”

Cameron Cole

Theological Depth: “Theological Depth is about taking students seriously and communicating to them the deep truths of God’s Word, his character, who he is and what he’s done for them in salvation. We’re not just doing topical studies; we want them to ingest it all.”

Chelsea Erickson

Partnering with Parents: “We want to educate, equip, and collaborate with parents because we believe parents are called to be the primary disciplers in the lives of their children. As youth workers, we aim to come alongside to support, and supplement, and collaborate with what parents are doing at home, not trying to replace it.”

David Brashler

Relational Discipleship: “The gospel comes in a wrapper of a relationship. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. So if God wanted us to be saved by content, he would simply make pamphlets rain from the sky. But it’s only in the context of relationship that the gospel moves from the conceptual to the experiential.”

Josh Hussung

Intergenerational Integration: “Historically youth ministries have been siloed from the rest of the church, but actually, intergenerational integration is one of the key factors that keeps students walking with Jesus long after their teen years. The heart behind this pillar is showing teens how the Christian faith is lived out beyond just their other teenaged peers, and that requires getting them in life and community with other people within their church.”

Clark Fobes

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