How “American Freedom” is Different than “Christian Freedom” (and Why it Matters to Teenagers)

Whether debating the efficacy of face-coverings to fight a global pandemic, thinking critically about important political issues, or simply asking the age-old question of, “How far is too far?”, the concept of freedom is one that is constantly on the mind of teenagers. In this episode of The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast, Josh Wester of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) distinguishes between authentic Christian freedom and freedom as defined by the world. Apart from Christ, freedom is defined by asking the question, “How can I please myself?” On the other hand, the Christian defines freedom as the ability to live a life that honors the Lord and loves other people well. In addition to constructing a theology of Christian freedom, Josh delivers down-to-earth advice on how youth workers and parents can help teenagers think through and implement these doctrines at an early age. In light of our cultural moment, we pray that you’ll be equipped and encouraged by this timely episode of The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast.