All About Boys with David Thomas: Q&A Episode

In this episode of All About Boys, David takes questions from listeners. He answers questions ranging from how to help boys choose friends wisely to helping boys navigate fear and anxiety.  He discusses what to do when kids question their identity and how to help boys develop more empathy. He also previews some exciting news about Season 2.
Questions asked:

-How would you love and encourage a boy who seems to struggle with fear and a reluctance to try new things?

-How do we balance teaching Biblical truth in an ever-changing society and raising children who know and love the Word, but also love others for who they are?

-How do we affirm beliefs in boundaries, but still convey our unconditional love for our kids?

-How do we differentiate a phase from an identity, and help our kids walk through that personally and with their friends?

-How can we encourage our friends to choose their friends wisely, or steer them away from people we know will be a bad influence or let them down?

-How do you create in your son or encourage boys to have empathy for others?

Resources: How Children Raise Parents by Dan B. Allender