Ask Alice: Helping Your Child Navigate Transitions with Kaila Thomas

Transition is good and it’s right. And it may feel uncomfortable because it’s unknown, but that’s exactly how we were made to experience that transition and throughout all of our transitions, we have a God that doesn’t change.

In this episode of Ask Alice, Alice sits down with Kaila Thomas, a Licensed Master Social Worker, to discuss how parents can help their children navigate transitions, both big and small. Alice and Kaila discuss the most common transitions children face, how parents can engage with their child’s emotions regarding transitions, practical tips for helping your child through a transition, and much more. As Summer ends and we make the transition to a new school year, parents will not want to miss this informative and grace-filled conversation. 

Show Notes: 

Kaila Thomas is a Licensed Master Social Worker practicing in Austin, TX. She works as a school-based therapist at middle and elementary schools. Kaila graduated from Baylor University with both a Bachelor and Master of Social Work. Kaila enjoys running, visiting friends and family, and going to concerts.