A Student’s Guide to Justification (Book Talk with Author Greg Meyer)

In this episode of The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast, author Greg Meyer talks about his new book, A Student’s Guide to Justification (Christian Focus). Listen to hear Greg and Davis discuss the Track series of resources (published through a collaboration between Christian Focus and Reformed Youth Ministries), the implications that the doctrine of justification holds for the teenage experience, and the ways in which A Student’s Guide to Justification equips youth workers to explain that doctrine to teenagers.

Additional Resources:

Greg Meyer’s author page: https://www.rootedministry.com/author/greg-meyer/

Greg’s website: https://gs-meyer.com

Purchase A Student’s Guide to Justification at https://www.amazon.com/Track-Justification-Students-Guide-Doctrine/dp/1527108058

Learn more about the Track series at https://www.christianfocus.com/series/167/track

“Five Quotes from ‘A Student’s Guide to Justification’” – https://www.rootedministry.com/blog/five-quotes-from-a-students-guide-to-justification/

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