Kendal Conner on Kansas City and Sharing the Gospel with Generation Z


Kendal Conner is a former Rooted steering committee member and will be featured at this year’s Rooted Conference as both a plenary speaker and a workshop leader. She joins the Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast to give us the inside scoop on the best places to eat and hang out in Kansas City (this year’s conference site). She also spends some time describing why Generation Z is classified as a “Post-Christian” generation, as well as sharing the unique challenges and opportunities of sharing the gospel with this generation of students.

In addition to listening to this episode of The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast, you won’t want to miss Kendal’s workshop at the 2022 Rooted Conference: “Teaching the Scriptures to a Post-Christian Generation.”

Additional Resources

Rooted’s 2022 Conference will be held Oct. 6-8 in Kansas City. To learn more about the conference, and to register, visit

Learn more about Meet Generation Z by James Emery White by visiting

Read more about “Bible Storying” in this Rooted article by Kendal Conner:

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