Youth Pastor

  • Church Name: Community Bible Church
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Cut Off
  • Church State: LA
  • Church Denomination: Bible Church
  • Job Requirements:
      1. To provide overall direction, goal setting, uniform strategy, administration, evaluation, and planning for all student ministry activities. Set the vision for the youth ministry with a plan to carry it out.
        • Regularly communicate the vision of the ministry to all volunteers, staff, and student leaders
      1. Develop and lead programs according to the vision and purpose of the youth ministry
        • Create outreach programs, activities and events that engage with a growing number of students.
        • Plan activities and events that include opportunities for kids to worship, fellowship with each other, learn Biblical truths and apply them to their lives (through regular meetings, and special events – summer camp, weekend retreats, DNow Weekends, etc.)
      • Evaluate and implement or create curriculum to be used in the student ministry.
      • Establish yearly and 6-month goals and evaluate progress on a regular basis. (using SMART goal guidelines: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-limited)
      • Regularly teach or arrange teachers to teach Sunday School for students.
      • Lead or facilitate an evening student ministry opportunity.
      • Develop a plan for regular mission, service, and outreach opportunities.
      • Equip youth to reach their friends for Christ through modeling and teaching a lifestyle of evangelism.


      1. Build and maintain relationships with kids both churched and unchurched students
        • Meet regularly with students
      • Maintain healthy, intentional discipling relationships with students.
        • Develop a plan for weekly communication with students and parents
      • Regular visits to schools or student activities – set goals for these visits
      • Develop a system to welcome and follow up with visiting students
      1. Recruit and train volunteer leaders to serve in the student ministry
        • Recruit adult volunteers for regular student ministry gatherings as well as special events.
        • Meet regularly with volunteers
        • Build into your team with consistent training and equipping
        • Provide clear expectations for leaders that fit their role (teaching, trips, relationship building, food prep, etc.)


      1. Build and maintain quality relationships with parents
        • Clearly share ministry vision with parents so they understand the purpose of the youth ministry
        • Create avenues of consistent contact with parents so that they are aware of activities and opportunities for involvement (regular e-mail/newsletter, parent meetings, etc.)
      • Growing in awareness of the needs of the parents
      • Meet with parents/families as needed for counsel


      1. Networking and Continuing Education
        • Seek opportunities to meet with other youth workers in the area — sharing ideas and experiences
      • Keep alert to current resources, conferences, and other youth ministries so as to benefit from the innovations and ideas of other ministries.
      1. Set and oversee the youth ministry budget
        • Set a budget that reflects the values in your vision and purpose
        • Be prudent with finances, sticking with the budget you set


      1. Involve students in the ministry of the church as a whole, supporting and participating in the church’s vision, worship services, and activities


      1. Interaction with other church staff:
      • Attend regular church staff meetings
      • Coordinate the student ministry calendar with the rest of the staff
      • Meet with supervisor regularly – Communicate with your supervisor current and upcoming needs and events, as well as the purpose of those events.
      • Meet with senior pastor or associate pastor when necessary
      • Assist with other ministry activities as needed and available (funerals, weddings, VBS, preaching, etc.)


      1. Additional responsibilities:
      • Coordinate Graduation Sunday activities and deliver the message for graduation Sunday.
      • Be available for crises counseling of youth/families.
      • Be available for hospital or sick visits for students.
      • Help Administrative Pastor and Children’s minister plan and facilitate big fall fellowship event (ex. Trunk-R-Treat, Country Carnival)
      • All other tasks assigned by lead pastor or elder board.



      • A strong walk with God through a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ
      • Teachable, with a desire to grow in their faith and abilities
      • A self-starter—highly motivated
      • Has a passion for students, families, and student ministry
      • Understands youth culture today
      • Strong verbal and written communication skills
      • A good role model
      • Team player with effective relational skills
      • Agreement with our church’s vision, goals and statement of faith



      • Spiritual qualities: humble, teachable, flexible, established prayer life, heart for God and meets qualifications of an elder according to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
      • Personal Qualities: stimulates creativity, accepts responsibility, lives with a sense of balance, has a love and passion for students, listens to honest feedback.
      • Leadership qualities: boost team morale, fosters loyalty among volunteers, good planner and manager, good communicator, and pursues excellence.
  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Jordy Rousse
  • Contact Email: