Youth Pastor

  • Church Name: Redemption Church
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Monclova
  • Church State: OH
  • Church Denomination: Non-Denominational
  • Job Requirements:

    Structure Expectations:

    • Weekly Primary Gathering – a combination of worship, teaching, fun, and small groups where students interact with an age-diverse group of adult volunteers. 
    • Life Groups – an opportunity for students to connect outside of the primary gathering, read the Bible and discuss life with fellow students and adult mentors. 
    • Leadership Team – a team of committed students who are led by the youth director are trained in ministry leadership, doctrine, and discipled in personal faith. 
    • Camp / Retreats – a consistent rhythm of spiritually-focused events
    • Events – a combination of fun (Cedar Point, dodgeball, etc) and spiritually-minded events (IE youth worship night or a weekend retreat) where students can grow in their relationships and invite new students.

    Personal and Team Expectations: 

    • Display competency in Doctrine and Biblical knowledge. (no degree required)
    • Be like-minded and aligned with Redemption Church values, vision, and mission. (see ‘Our Beliefs’ under ‘About Us’ on our website) 
    • Support your co-workers and champion church-wide initiatives. 
    • Display personal discipline and a desire to grow spiritually and in your leadership. 
    • Establish healthy work and life rhythms while growing and building your ministry.
  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Steven Whitlow
  • Contact Email: