Jared Wilson: Why I’m Excited about Rooted 2013

I’m excited to be speaking at this year’s Rooted Conference on October 10-12 in Atlanta, GA. Rooted is an invaluable resource ministry working toward greater centering on the gospel in Christian student ministry. It will be my honor to speak in service of the conference’s theme, “Hope in a Time of Suffering.” Why?

Because Christian young people today are faced with an unprecedented onslaught of cultural messages, explicit and implicit, that are fostering in them spiritual intellectual confusion, emotional despair, and spiritual depression. Placing this dangerous cacophony of misleading voices on top of the sin and brokenness inevitable for every human being makes being a young person today a particularly vulnerable position.

So what is needed? How will we go about the vitally important work of preparing young people for brokenness? Will we contribute further to the massive collection of inspirational anecdotes, pithy fortune cookie philosophies, shallow theologies, and powerless moralism that is helping nobody? All of those efforts are like putting a band-aid on a massive wound.

The Rooted Conference is committed to focusing its attendees on the finished work of Christ and the Spirit’s powerful application of it to our hearts. To this end, then, I will be speaking on three primary topics:

“The Gospel and Despair”
“God’s Purposes in Suffering”
“Ministering Supernaturally to the Broken”

Other speakers will be presenting insightful messages on sorrow, hope, and glory. Each of us is making it our mission in this event to biblically equip student pastors and student ministry workers for the hard stuff of real lives. We hope you will join us for this exciting conference.

Learn more about Rooted 2013 at www.rootedministry.com/conference. Register today before the August 19 price increase at http://www.rootedministry.com/conference/register.