From Rooted Reservoir: A Sermon Illustration in the Movie Frozen

One of the many practical features of Rooted Reservoir, our always-growing Illustrations Bank contains over 200 sermon illustrations to help you open up Biblical themes in your talks to teenagers. When teaching a Bible passage it can be helpful to use examples from culture (songs, movies, graphics, etc.) to further elaborate on the main point of the lesson. But, it’s not always easy to find an illustration that communicates what you want. Our illustrations will help you prepare your lessons and generate ideas. Illustrations are tagged by topic and/or theological concept, so you can find the imagery that fits your lesson — from common teen issues like anxiety and heartbreak, to foundational theology like the attributes of God, Jesus’s divinity, and grace.

Today we’re giving you a peek into the Bank with an illustration from the movie Frozen:

Anna’s Sacrifice

Format: video clip

Description: Anna knew that she needed to be saved by an act of true love, and she thought she could find it in a true love’s kiss with Kristoff. However, she sees Hans about to kill her sister Elsa ands runs over to block Hans’ sword. At this moment, she freezes to death. (Her sacrifice is even more remarkable considering it is actually Elsa’s cold magic that threatens and ultimately kills Anna.) Fortunately, Anna’s sacrifice was in fact the very act of true love she needed to thaw her frozen heart, and, in a Christ-like manner, she comes back to life.

Tags: The Gospel, Substitutionary Atonement, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Jesus’ Divinity, Omnipotent, Eternal


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