Foundations of Grace Curriculum

Foundations of Grace

A Rooted Yearlong Curriculum – $225

This 32-lesson curriculum walks through Romans and Ephesians, focusing on the grace of God.

  • Romans

    Written by Mac Harris, Edited by Tucker Fleming

  • Ephesians


Mac Harris, Writer

After graduating from Davidson College, where he studied history and religious studies, Mac Harris worked for a year as a Charlotte Fellow. He interned in the youth ministries at two churches, both in Birmingham, AL. He currently serves as Assistant Coordinator of Youth and Families at Hope Community Church while working towards his M.Div at RTS Charlotte. An avid Alabama football fan, Mac also enjoys fly fishing, ultimate frisbee, and Bojangles’ fried chicken.

Tucker Fleming, Editor

Tucker Fleming was raised in the Atlanta area and attended both Mississippi State University and Beeson Divinity School. He’s lived and worked throughout the country in schools and non-profit organizations, and has worked with students for a decade, with over half of that time being in the local church.

Kendal Conner, Writer

After spending 10 years working in youth ministry, Kendal Conner currently serves as a Groups Minister at Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City, MO. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Kendal received her BA from Union University. After graduation, she served 2 years overseas working with youth in Central Asia. After returning to America, she spent several years working for a parachurch youth ministry before moving to Oklahoma to serve as a Girls Minister in a local church. Kendal loves to travel, and dreams of one day being able to say she has drunk coffee in every country.

Elisabeth Elliott Hayes, Editor

Elisabeth Elliott Hayes worked in student ministry for 7 years – first as a youth minister in Birmingham, Alabama, and later as Director of Spiritual Formation at Nicaragua Christian Academy in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. She has been involved with Rooted since its humble beginnings in 2010. Elisabeth holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary and is pursuing a ThM in Theology and Ethics from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. She loves to travel, cook, garden, and explore Richmond with her friends and her husband, Will. 

Rooted’s Scope & Sequence

Don’t know where to start? Check out our Scope & Sequence

All the lessons you need for your students’ entire time in your ministry — from brand new middle schooler to high school graduate. Whether you choose to walk through the Bible chronologically or you’d rather stick with a developmental stage approach, we have both plans written out for you, free of charge! Download the Scope & Sequence Plans for free, and purchase all the included curriculum in the Scope and Sequence Bundle to get started.


I highly recommend the Rooted curriculum for youth ministry. It brings us back to what God says. What sets Rooted apart is not only the robust support network it offers from fellow users, but also its unwavering dedication to fostering a deep love and understanding of Scripture among youth. By centering on the inductive Bible study method, it equips youth leaders with a valuable tool to guide meaningful engagement with the Word of God, empowering both leaders and youth alike to hide the word and enjoy the word.

Niki B. | Youth Pastor | Pascack Bible Church

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What will students learn from Romans? 

Perhaps more than any other book of the Bible, Romans clearly lays out the state of man and God’s plan of salvation. For students and adults alike, Romans gives us both the worst possible news and the best possible news: Not only do we desperately need a savior, but God has already accomplished that saving work through Christ. Romans tells us that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory (Rom 3:23), but that while we were still sinners, Christ died on our behalf (Rom 5:8). He gave us His righteousness, His record. Now, because of what God has done for us, if we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts, we will be saved (Rom 10:9). The biggest problem in all of our lives is a broken relationship with God, and here, Paul simply gives us the good news of the gospel: God is for us. 

What will students learn from Ephesians ? 

All people are dead because of sin. By our nature, all people are born spiritually dead. Just like a dead man can’t work to pay a monetary debt, spiritually dead people can’t work to earn salvation from their sins. No one can do anything to make themselves good. Whether they strive to live moral lives or not, all people were born into sin and are in need of the same mercy and grace. 

It is by grace we are saved. The beauty of the gospel is that it is not by our effort that we are saved. Grace is when we are given something we do not deserve. It is by God’s grace that we are saved. Our salvation is not dependent on how often we go to church, or read our Bibles, or go to camp. Instead, it is a gift that we did not earn, and one that we do not have to prove worthy to receive. 

In Christ, we have unity and peace. When we do not feel like we belong, Christ has made a place for us in a family tie that can never be broken. Through the blood of Christ, no matter our differences, we have been united as a family. We share the same Spirit, which means we can trust in the love and peace we also share. 

New life in Christ is rooted in the gospel. Just as salvation is not rooted in our works, neither is our obedience. As we seek to faithfully follow Christ, we can look to the gospel as our source of strength. 

God has given us everything we need in Christ. The world will tell us that there is always something more to strive after. The enemy will try to convince us that if we only had this or that we would be happy. However, it is only in Christ that we find everything we need. Through the Spirit, we have been given an inheritance far beyond anything this world could offer.