Meredith Exline

Meredith Exline is a writer, teacher, and speaker who is passionate about helping women navigate the transitions in their lives. She has been married for more than two decades and has two young adult children. Meredith has dedicated herself to raising her children and served her community as an elected School Board Member for seven years at one of Oklahoma’s largest school districts. She has been an avid advocate for public education and founded Oklahoma Central Parent Legislative Action Committee, now OKPLAC.

She is a studier and active reader of God’s Word, enjoys leading bible studies, and was a contributing writer for Henderson Hills Student Ministries for over 6 years. Besides her family, her passions include sharing God’s Word, gardening, traveling, entertaining, and cooking.

Meredith has recently launched her website Refreshed Soul as a place for women to find respite, grace and growth in Christ through our ever-changing lives. You can also find Meredith on Instagram @therefreshedsoul.

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