Ask Alice: Preparing Your Child (and Yourself) for the First Year of College

In this episode of Ask Alice, Alice hosts the Editor-in-Chief of the Rooted blog and cohost of the Rooted Parent Podcast, Anna Meade Harris, for a discussion about getting ready for the tears and fears of college drop-off. Alice shares her perspective as a counselor whose clients often experience homesickness, loneliness, and anxiety about sorority rush; Anna talks about preparing to send her third child to college this September. They explore the truths of the gospel that help parents and teens embrace and enjoy this scary, thrilling step into adulthood.

Show Notes:

Preparing Teenagers for Homesickness in College by Alice Churnock

A Letter to Teenagers Beginning Sorority Recruitment by Cameron Cole

Why We Don’t Have to Fear Sending a Child off to College by Carolyn Lankford

God’s Goodness in Parenting Transitions: From High School to College by Carolyn Lankford

The Strength Gen Z Christians Need by Chris Colquitt

You Are Special by Max Lucado