Workshop Schedule for Rooted 2013

Workshops Schedule

Friday, October 11
12:30 PM       Workshops Session 1

Alvin Reid– Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students

David Plant- Engaging Culture with Truth: Eminem and the Imagio Dei

Dave Wright- Simplifying Youth Ministry

Paul Martin- Katy Perry, Bushido and Purple Cows: Avoiding the Performance Trap in Youth Ministry

1:30 PM         Workshops Session 2

Andy Odle- Reimagining Youth Missions: Living Communion

Sharon Hersh- Teens, Sexuality, and Who God Made Us To Be

Bijan Mirtolooi- Living in God’s Story: The Practical Impact of Redemptive History for Youth Ministry

2:30 PM         Workshops Session 3

Liz Edrington- iRelationship: Doing Incarnational Ministry in a Technologically Dependent  Culture

Darren DePaul- Practical Discipleship for Youth Ministry

Rev. William Fullilove- Finding Grace in the Old Testament: How not to Miss the Message of Grace when Teaching the Bible to Your Youth