Word of Grace Devotions: Waiting on Our Faithful, Unchanging God

During this unprecedented global crisis, we need the good news of Jesus more than ever. Our short video devotions are designed for anyone- youth worker, parent, teen- to be reminded of what God’s word says about his unchanging character and love. 
Wait Upon the Lord by Kendal Conner
As we mourn the reality of canceled plans, the story of Noah provides a beautiful signpost for all who find themselves waiting upon the Lord. Take courage that even amidst the pain of uncertainty, His promises remain certain.
The command “do not be anxious about tomorrow” seems easier said than done. However, Jesus takes our eyes away from our circumstances and places them onto our heavenly Father, the one who knows what we need and is devoted to giving us the grace required for each day. In these uncertain times we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus is with us in the waiting.
In this video devotional, Kristen uses Exodus 3, where God revealed himself to Moses in a burning bush, to focus on three characteristics of God. By remembering who God is yesterday, today, and forever, we hold fast to his promises during this unsettling time.

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