Word of Grace Devotions: Hope, Become, Rest

During this unprecedented global crisis, we need the good news of Jesus more than ever. Our short video devotions are designed for anyone- youth worker, parent, teen- to be reminded of what God’s word says about his unchanging character and love. 

Hope from the Tomb– Clark Fobes. Before Jesus rose, he spent a day dead in a tomb. When we are in the midst of dark and hopeless circumstances, we can trust that God is still working out our hope from behind the curtain of death.

Who Are We Becoming? by Chris Li. Who are we becoming during this time of trial? Hopefully we can see this as an opportunity for us to deepen and grow into Christ-likeness by diving into the Word.

Learning to Rest in This New Wilderness by Chelsea Erickson. As we adjust to our present experience of isolation, we can find encouragement from Israel’s time in the wilderness. There, God invited His people away from endless labor and into His rest so they would learn to worship Him. Perhaps during this global pandemic, God is calling us us away from our endless productivity to rest more fully in Christ’s finished work.

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