What the Bible Says About Parenting

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For parents who believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, perfect in wisdom and truth, it’s only natural to pore over the Scripture to find God’s best instructions to moms and dads. But if you’ve searched cover to cover looking for discipline tips or direction about what school your child should attend or when to give the teen the smartphone, you’ve discovered what many parents before you have discovered: there’s not a whole lot of explicit instruction for parents in the Bible. Bummer.

What we do find, however, is that the same principles that guide the Christian life guide the Christian parent. In the brand-new season of the Rooted Parent Podcast, Cameron Cole and Anna Meade Harris will examine what the Bible says about parenting. We’ll start at the very beginning, where Genesis teaches us that we were made for loving, intimate relationship with God and each other. In spite of mankind’s fall into sin, the command to be fruitful and multiply in the context of intimate relationship remains. From there we’ll move into Deuteronomy where we learn to disciple our children to love the Lord as we go, consistently modeling joyful obedience in our public life and in private, behind-closed-doors life.

Next we will examine the book of Proverbs, which demonstrates principles (not promises) for how parents may raise children in the fear of the Lord. Then we’ll peer into the Christian household codes of the New Testament, which address the power dynamics of Christian leadership as it pertains to family and bringing up children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

With that foundation, we will dive into the parent-child relationships we find in the Bible to glean wisdom and principles from the narratives we know and love. We’ll examine Abraham and Isaac, follow Jacob through decades of family drama, and admire Hannah and Samuel as contrasted with Eli and his undisciplined boys. We will juxtapose two Nazarites, Samson and John the Baptist, to compare their respective parents’ vastly different training of their boys. We will see that while King David was a man after God’s own heart, he was not an attentive or effective dad, much to the lasting detriment of his descendants. Lastly, we will arrive at the humble heart of Mary, mother of Jesus, whose imperfect but faithful example encourages every parent to put themselves and their children in the loving hands of the Lord.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting new season of the Rooted Parent Podcast!

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