Rooted’s Top Podcasts and YouTube Episodes of 2020

As we plan to bring you new content in 2021, we took a look back at some of the most-listened-to podcasts and most-viewed YouTube videos from 2020. These are some of your favorites:
In this episode, Dr. Langston Haygood shares all sorts of gospel-rich wisdom for fathers who seek to parent daughters with wisdom and grace. This heartwarming interview is both endearing and informative.
Episode 15: Loving Her Well
In this episode, Kari Kampakis discusses the difference between being an “authority figure” and an “influencer” of teen daughters, how to grow with grace as the mother/daughter relationship morphs over time, and practical methods to love teenage daughters in ways that reflect the way Jesus loves His people.
In this episode, David Thomas discusses activity level, impulse control, rate of development, overstimulation response, learning styles, what a boy needs from parents, conversation with boys, appropriate outlets, the complexity of male adolescence, supporting a young adult male- among other things!
Episode 3: Boys and Moms
In this episode, David Thomas explores unique callings on moms, and some unique challenges she faces in that journey. David does a deep dive into the ideas of Being Safe, Letting Go, and Staying Steady throughout his journey from boyhood into manhood.
Join this conversation with Mike McGarry, Clark Fobes, and Kevin Yi about the Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma.” It’s a fascinating look into the ways social media is shaping our culture, but especially how it’s affecting our teenagers.
Episode 14: This is the Way
Mik McGarry, Clark Fobes, and Kevin Yi take a break from the MCU to discuss the Mandalorian and the Star Wars universe. Afterward, we dish on exegetical vs. topical teaching in youth ministry and how to ensure we lead students to think biblically about culture without allowing the culture to drive our teaching.
In this episode, Dr. Andrew Root Youth discusses the “shifts” in youth ministry throughout the past century, the importance of the concept of “identity” in youth ministry, and the unique opportunities that we have to minister to students and families in this present age.
In this episode, Josh Wester delivers down-to-earth advice on how youth workers and parents can help teenagers think through and implement these doctrines at an early age.
In this short video, Kevin Yi guides and encourages youth ministers during this time of uncertainty and disruption.
In this video, Kevin Yi provides some basic best practices for doing video ministry. There’s more to come down the pipeline with regards to getting the hang of how we connect with our students when we’re not able to meet physically.
Kevin Yi provides an in-depth walkthrough of the interface and some best practices about using video conferencing in your youth ministry for those who are nervous about utilizing the Zoom Video Conferencing software.
Veteran youth and family pastor Cameron Cole experienced his worst nightmare come true on Monday, November 11, 2013, when his three-year-old son Cam did not wake up. In the months and years that followed, Cole and his wife Lauren recognized how a foundation of twelve theological truths about the love and character of God helped them find hope in the loss of their son.
Tucker Fleming from Cathedral Church of the Advent and Rooted’s own Mary Beth Johnston present an Introduction to the Philippians Curriculum.

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