The Gospel Is Rest- Closing Words From Rooted 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended Rooted 2021 in Birmingham this past week. It was a true honor and blessing to be in fellowship and worship with you all! Each and every year, Cameron closes the conference with a word of grace. So many youth pastors come to Rooted weary, fatigued and worn out. The last thing we want is for you to leave the conference feeling as though you have to do more or better. We want you to walk away trusting in God’s grace which is given to us freely and resting in that comfort and promise.

“The gospel is rest.
The gospel means that Jesus carries the burden of your life.
The gospel means that you will never ever have to prove yourself again, because God will love you perfectly through the life and death of the resurrected Christ, forever, Amen.”
For those of you who are overwhelmed today, look to Jesus for the grace, peace and rest that only he can provide.
You will all be in our prayers over the course of the year as you minister to the next generation of teens.
And, we sincerely hope, the conference, Rooted resources and fellowship of other youth pastors can help to equip you in your calling.
Mark your calendars for Rooted 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri on September 29- October 1! Registration will open in early 2022.

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