How to Preach to Gen Z Students

Teenagers have short attention spans. Teenagers have no filter. But teenagers are also in a critical season of their lives when they need wisdom, comfort, encouragement, truth, and hope.

Peace, Not Panic: Part 2

We live in a culture that loves to obsess over various catastrophes. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed Lionel Shriver’s article, Why Catastrophising is My Idea of a Good Time, and her suggestion that our obsession…

Peace, Not Panic: Part 1

The reason we so often fear the catastrophes around us is because we doubt the certainty of salvation promised by grace alone through faith alone.

To Inspire Awe, You Must be in Awe

After playing a show dedicated to the work of Rich Mullins, musician Andrew Peterson wrote a beautiful article on the impact Mullins made in his own life. In that article, Peterson includes this memory of seeing Mullins perform…

Felt-Board Faith and the 3-Dimensional Solution

Is the Christ of your faith and of your teaching captivating? Is he beautiful? Or is the Christ you preach flat and uninspiring? As pastors, parents, and friends, how we answer these questions not only impacts the shape…