Study God’s Word With Your Child This Summer: An Offer From Rooted

Have you ever considered doing a Bible study with your teenager? Have you been looking for a way to have deeper conversations about God? Are you fearful you don’t have enough Biblical or contextual knowledge? Don’t be scared or intimidated— just take the leap of faith! This summer, Rooted has a special offer for parents who want to study Scripture with their kids. Read on to find out more, and be encouraged! God will undoubtedly use the time you spend in His Word to give you and your child insight into His character and love for you. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20) 

Homeschooling my children last spring was HARD. I do not have the skill set or patience to be a teacher. But one thing I miss is the Bible story time we had each morning after breakfast. Usually it involved a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible and concluded in prayers for our friends, family, and those battling COVID. 

Even though everything outside of our four walls seemed scary and out of control, Bible study time together was our daily reminder that our hope was anchored in Jesus Christ. It was during this time that I realized my oldest child was wrestling with some of the bigger questions in life. She was craving God’s Word and needing to dig deeper. 

As we began to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, she jumped back into her busy life of sports and activities. I longed for something the two of us could talk about on a deeper level — something we could share. So I decided we would study a book of the Bible together. After all, discussing the word of God has strengthened so many relationships in my life.

Our team of writers and editors created the Rooted Reservoir curriculum with the hope that any volunteer leader could use it to teach small or large group of teens. I figured it would also work one-on-one, so I let my daughter pick one of the 12 curriculums we offer. She chose Daniel; I printed out the student guide for her and the leader guide for myself. For the next couple of months, anytime we found ourselves alone in the house for 30 minutes, we jumped right into Daniel. 

All I can say, is the Lord abundantly blessed our time together. The book of Daniel is so relevant and applicable to this day and age and led to some great conversations between us. We discussed: 

  • what it must feel like to be exiled from your home
  • the idols that we were all too apparent when we lost them to COVID
  • the importance of standing firm in our faith despite the pressures and culture surrounding us
  • what it means to be humble
  • the sovereignty of God and how He controls all of the nations — its leaders and politicians
  • the power of God to change even the hardest of hearts
  • the grace of God towards all of His people
  • the authority and truth of the Word of God
  • how every story in the Old Testament points to Jesus

I confess that I was sad when we approached our final lessons, but I look forward to our next study. 

If you are interested in studying Daniel with your teenager this summer, we invite you to participate in Rooted’s inaugural parent focus group. We will send you the Daniel study guides free of charge to discuss with your teenager this summer. All we ask is that you participate in an online focus group which will take place after August 15. The information we gather through the focus group will help us to develop our materials to best meet the needs of parents. If you are interested, please email

If you are looking for other gospel-centered curriculum to study with your teen, you can also download Philippians or Gospel Foundations. We hope our curriculum blesses your time in the word with your children.

Emily Heide serves as the Executive Director for Rooted Ministry. She began her career working as an account executive in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition Practice at Porter Novelli. Emily then moved into the non-profit world, implementing the first marketing and communications plan for the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship tripling their media coverage. She then served as the Communications Director at the Rosslyn Business Improvement District where she planned and marketed all special events including their jazz festival with over 6,000 attendees. After relocating to Birmingham, she worked for a couple of non-profits before joining Rooted in 2015 to run the annual conference. Her responsibilities grew alongside the organization, and in January 2019, she was promoted to Executive Director. She manages all staff and programs for the organization. Emily is married to Sam, and they have three children.

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