Rooted Staff and Steering Committees Share their Favorite Conference Talks


Over thirteen years of Rooted conferences, our main session speakers have delivered powerful messages from the word of God. In fact, attendees often cite our main sessions (for many years, we called them “plenaries”) among the most impactful moments of any Rooted conference. 

Each year our steering committee chooses a biblical theme or a book of the Bible, and our speakers will center their talks on teaching about that particular theme. This year’s theme is Sermon on the Mount:

How can we find true human flourishing? The world we disciple our teenagers in today does not merely offer them an alternative way to live, but an alternative account of where true human flourishing is found. This competing vision encompasses all that we believe about ourselves, our bodies, justice, security, suffering, and meaning. In the most famous sermon in human history and the longest recorded teaching from Jesus’ ministry, our Lord gives us a wholistic vision of how we can live in a way that leads to our flourishing in every aspect of our lives. At the core, his teaching shows us that such flourishing is only found through faith in the God who created us and in Jesus Christ who is redeeming us. As we walk through the Sermon on the Mount together, our prayer is that the teachings of Jesus will invert and subvert the teachings of this world and compel our hearts to live in light of the Kingdom of God in faith.

Join us November 2-4 in Nashville for a gospel-centered youth ministry and parenting conference. There’s a price increase this upcoming Friday, June 16, so don’t delay your registration! In the meantime enjoy some past favorite main sessions from staff and steering committees:

Emily Heide, Rooted 2017: Jen Wilkin on Living as Those with a Living Hope

Rebecca Lankford, Rooted 2017: Mark Upton on How to Find Hope When People Take You Where You Don’t Want to Go

Tucker Fleming, Rooted 2019: Cameron Cole on the Light of Christ in the Darkness of Grief ; Rooted 2018: Dr. Robert Smith Jr. on What Forever is For 

Katie Polski and Katherine Stine, Rooted Conference: Tish Harrison Warren, “Why Are You Downcast? What the Promises of God Are (and Are Not) in Suffering”

Kerri Trunfio and Dawson Cooper, Rooted Conference: Charlotte Getz, “Can These Bones Live?”

Mary Beth Johnston and Anna Meade Harris, Rooted 2016: Liz Edrington on Reconciliation with the Self 

Josh Newton, Rooted Conference:Russell Moore, “Fatherhood and the Reliableness of God”

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