Series: Student Series

Seeking Wisdom in the Wilderness of College by Mary Allison Anderson

College Students Need to Know That Charity Isn’t Compromise  by Russell Galloway

My Wandering, God’s Provision by Chloe Sheffield

Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys by Mac Harris

Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold: C.S. Lewis on Glorification by Mac Harris

What Students Need from You During Seasons of Mental Illness by Emily Jenkins

Escaping the Rat Trap: How the True Jesus Solves Our View of Self by Will Leitner

Seen and Loved by Ryan Center

The King I Wish I Knew in High School by Isaac Karpenske

The Jesus I Met in High School Cuts to the Root of ‘Self Help‘ by Ben Cutsinger

The God Who Gave Me Purpose by Kaitlyn Koehler

The Jesus Who Accepts Us by Nnanna Okafor

Jesus Loves Me, This I (Don’t) Know by Emily Zell

Welcoming the Waiting by Mae McDuff

The Grace of God and the Love of a Parent by Eva Parker

God is Closer than Any Friend by Nnanna Okafor

For I Am God and Not a Man by Joe Martin

The River of Grace by Sarah Hydinger

Experiencing God’s Grace in the Everyday by Lauren Center Willis

Seeing God’s Beauty in Our Weakness by Creagh Goings

Single by Spring: Two Things God Has Taught Me Through Seasons of Singleness by Will Leitner

Longing for Lost Love: Glimpsing the Gospel in Pirates of the Caribbean by Kevin Carlock

God’s Faithfulness in the Desert by Claire Davis

The Remedy for an Addiction to Busyness by Cole Shiflett

Finding Our Story in Christ’s by JD Tyler

Your Sanctification is Not Your Job by Emily Zell

Jesus is Better Than Hooking Up. Really. by Anonymous

Just Rest by Hayden Sledge

Holding Onto Faith in College by Sarah Hydinger

Exposing the Dangers of Social Media by Spencer Haynes

Panting in the Desert: Seeking God When He Feels Like A Fake, A Figment, or Far Away by Annie Dalton

Pursuing God In a World Full of People to Please by Lilly Gilbert

Students, Cultivate a Faith for Calvary by JD Tyler

Holding Onto Hope in College When It is Hard by Rebecca Hatton

What’s My Niche? by Will Leitner

Jesus, Take the Conversation by Jackson Sharman

Sunday’s Child: Finding Faith After Doubt by Samuel J. Hood

Enlarge My Capacity to Love You by Anna Conception

What the Gospel Says About the Pressure I Feel by Lauren Center Willis

Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys by Mac Harris

Gospel Motivations in My College Ministry by Will Leitner

Faith Not in Ourselves by Joe Martin

How Jesus Turns Mourning Into Dancing by JD Tyler

Saturday Night Shame by Rebecca Hatton

Trusting God’s Plan Will Come Into Focus by Spence Haynes

The Importance of Equipping and Empowering Students by Seth King

We Are Never Alone by Maddie Allen

I’m a Fan of God by Holly Brown

Scripture Carries More Weight than Your Opinion by Lauren Gilbert

Idol Worship and the Main Thing in High School by Frances Conner

Six Situations Every College Student Should Be Ready For by Mac Harris

When God Carries Us Through the Wilderness by Margaret Pope

Rubbing Elbows with Grace and Nonbelievers in College by Russell Galloway

A Teen’s Review of Jacquelle Crowe’s ‘This Changes Everything’ by Sydney Huss

On Exiting the Bubble of Comfort by Rebecca Hatton

Discovering a Deeply Relational God by Joe Martin

Finding Comfort in the Lonely Times of Freshman Year by Spencer Haynes

God Even Works Our Suffering For Our Good by Ryann Holley