Rooted’s Most Read Articles of 2015

As we kick off a new year, we thought we’d highlight the Rooted blog’s most read articles of 2015. These pieces cross a variety of subject matter (although you’ll notice a trend in sex-related topics), and come to us from unique, diverse, and incredibly talented writers. It should be noted that all of our writers at Rooted are primarily youth leaders, in one way or another, and writing for us in their precious free time. We are immeasurably blessed by each and every one of them. 

While there are many remarkable and insightful articles that did not make this list, here are the ten that you (the reader) read, shared, and posted the most in 2015. All thanks be to God.

  1. Hey Kids, You’re Being Lied to About Sex
  2. Sex at First Sight: Understanding the Modern Hookup Culture
  3. Four Ways that Screens Distort the Gospel
  4. Engaging a Generation of Millenials
  5. If He Loved Me, Why Did My Dad Commit Suicide?
  6. Practical Considerations for Teaching Students About Sex
  7. It’s Time to Bench Virginity Pledges
  8. Why Isn’t My Child a Christian?
  9. Should the Youth Pastor Disciple Parents?
  10. A Message of Grace for Me at the Rooted Conference

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