Rooted on YouTube: Therefore I Have Hope Video Series

One of the treasures available on our Rooted YouTube Channel is a series of videos from Cameron Cole based on his book, Therefore I Have Hope.  Though this series was recorded earlier during the pandemic, these twelve truths that Cameron teaches through have been helpful in helping so many to understand how we can find hope in the wake of all that we have lost. Though we have just celebrated Easter Sunday in our churches, we can imagine that many of us still feel like we’re in that liminal space between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  We hope that you are encouraged through these short videos. 

Veteran youth and family pastor Cameron Cole experienced his worst nightmare come true on Monday, November 11, 2013, when his three-year-old son Cam did not wake up. In the months and years that followed, Cole and his wife Lauren recognized how a foundation of twelve theological truths about the love and character of God helped them find hope in the loss of their son. Cole wrote Therefore I Have Hope: Twelve Truths That Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy in order to offer that same hope and comfort to others in the midst of their own tragedies.

After the introduction of his personal tragedy and how God led him to write down a narrative of hope, the first four videos offer pivotal truths that help in the moments of trauma when your Worst enters your life: grace, gospel, resurrection, and faith.  The next five videos contain theological concepts you need as the initial shock wear off and living with your Worst becomes a daily challenge: empathy, providence, doubt, presence, and sin. The last set of videos discuss important doctrines that help you persevere meaningfully and hopefully when you consider living the rest of your life with the wound that your Worst has inflicted upon you: joy, service, heaven.


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