Rooted on YouTube: What Does “Gospel Centered Youth Ministry” Mean?

We wanted to take a moment to highlight several of the videos on the Rooted Youtube Channel that are quick and shareable, all from the more extensive training found on the Rooted Reservoir site. Scroll down to see all five new videos!

These first two videos are from Dave Wright, where he shares what Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry actually is, and the top 3 lessons he’s learned from his over two decades of youth ministry experience:

What Does Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry Mean?

3 Important Rules for Youth Ministers to Live By:

This next video is from Mike McGarry, on the most important thing to keep in mind when thinking through the games for your youth group:

The video from Sederick Moore is all about how we can better pray for over our students and our ministries:

In this last video, Clark Fobes encourages us to think about raising up life-long disciples of Jesus by avoiding a few of these things in our youth groups:

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Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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