Rooted Review: Love Her Well

Whether you are approaching the journey of parenting a teen girl or you are already well down the often rocky road of the teenage years, you are sure to find Kari Kampakis’s Love Her Well as a valuable resource for enriching your relationship with your daughter—and with God.

If you are a mom of teenage girls—or if you will be one day—Love Her Well is a must-read. Author, blogger, and mom of four girls (three of which are teens), Kari Kampakis hits the mark with practical, God-centered guidance on how to develop—and maintain—a relationship with your daughter through these more difficult years. In a world that tries to pull young girls away from God and family, Kari provides the roadmap to staying connected to your teenage daughter while still allowing her to find her own identity. By providing real life examples of her own trials and mistakes, she offers advice to mothers on how to create and maintain a solid relationship with their daughters that allows for encouragement, discipline, and most importantly, love. Parenting a teenage daughter is not for the faint of heart, but with Kari’s voice of reason and wisdom, moms have a resource for how to handle the difficult moments and celebrate the beautiful ones through a deeper relationship with their daughters—one that will ultimately draw them both closer to God.


Julie Gillis is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband and two teenage daughters. She has worked for clients such as Southern Living, Coastal Living, Southern Home, and Birmingham Home & Garden. In her free time, Julie enjoys running, cheering for her girls at sporting events, and attending church with her family at Brookwood Baptist Church.

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