Rooted Resources for Asian American and Pacific Islander Youth Ministers and Students

In observance of AAPI Heritage month, we wanted to share just a few of the best resources we have on the Rooted blog for Asian American youth pastors and anyone ministering to AAPI students.


Rooted 2016: Ben Shin on How Shame Affects Asian American Youth 

The pressures of youth today are enormous, especially if one desires to be a faithful follower of Christ. Add to this the cultural dynamic of shame to Asian American youth, and you have a very toxic combination. In this workshop, Benjamin Shin explains how shame affects Asian American youth, and how Christ became the ultimate shame-bearer through His death on the cross, and by His resurrection for new life.

Rooted Conference: Owen Lee, “The Promises, The Doubts, & The Covenant”

Owen Lee, senior pastor of Christ Central Presbyterian Church, speaks at the 2021 Rooted Conference about how God keeps His promises even when we don’t.

Thanos to Theos Episode 21: Catching up with Shang-Chi

In this episode, the guys catch up about their summers: Clark started at a new church, Kevin is back in youth ministry (and graduated from seminary!), and Mike released a new book, “Lead Them to Jesus: A Handbook for Youth Workers.” We react to the release of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Clark and Kevin, as Asian-Americans, share what the movie has meant for them and why it’s been so meaningful to finally see an Asian-American superhero on the big screen.

Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast: Asian Americans and Racial Reconciliation 

In this episode of the Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast, Davis talks with Kevin Yi and Clark Fobes about the Asian-American racial experience and where Asians fit into the ongoing race conversations today. Especially in light of the recent events and calls for justice for the black community, they share how Asian-Americans can reconcile their own racial identity as they enter into the broader discussion. More importantly, they discuss how the Gospel compels us towards racial justice and to personal repentance.

Fear Factor: When Our Asian American Children Face Racism with Owen Lee, Tracy Yi and Kevin Yi

The past two years have seen increased violence and rhetoric against Asian Americans. In this episode of the Rooted Parent podcast, Anna talks with pastors Owen Lee and Kevin Yi, and pastor’s wife Tracy Yi, all of whom are parents. Our friends share their fears for their children and the grief they experience when the country they love can be unfeeling, ignorant, and even hostile to their families. Listen to feel seen and understood or listen to understand; listen most of all to be encouraged by the hope we have for healing and reconciliation in Jesus Christ.

Rooted Podcast: Gospel Contextualization of Anxiety and Academic Pressure in Affluent Suburban and Asian American Contexts

Young people in both affluent suburban and Asian-American settings experience intense stress and academic pressure. This workshop from our 2018 conference in Nashville examines this issue on the surface level. Clark Fobes and Cameron Cole, who work in these contexts respectively, deconstruct the cultural dynamics and idols that drive the stress and anxiety in these different settings.


Lessons On Youth Ministry in the Asian-American Context; Asian-American Preconference (Rooted 2020 Conference)

Peter Ong, Clark Fobes, and Kevin Yi have a combined 40+ years of youth ministry. What are some of the lessons they’ve learned as they’ve pastored in the Asian-American youth ministry context?


Learning Together: An Asian American Perspective On Racial Justice and Reconciliation by Clark Fobes and Kevin Yi

Hate and racism are breeding more hate and racism, but it’s not in private conversations, it’s all happening online. This is a huge concern right now because we need safe places to be able to talk about these kinds of things and process through the racism we’re receiving, while dealing with the racism that’s brewing in our own hearts. Right now our teenagers need us to lead them and help them through these discussions, by providing safe and honest spaces for them to be able to share, grieve, and repent.

Turning Red: Will It Be Okay If I’m Not Good Enough For My Parents? by Connie Nelson

The great tension, for Ming, Mei, and we first and second generation Chinese, is in these unspoken questions we have for our parents:

I am different from you. I have my own identity, my own thoughts and feelings. I have dreams for myself that may not be your dreams for me. I have failed to be what you want me to be. I couldn’t meet your expectations. I am not good enough to validate what you have done for me.

But… is that ok?

Reflections on the Heart of God in Marvel’s Shang-Chi by Kevin Yi

… the way that Shang-Chi honors the legacy of the Shanghai martial arts movies and remixes them with Asian-American nuance was something that I had never really seen before. It was exhilarating to see it done with such artistry and finesse.

A recently published book for families and our podcast with the author

Rooted Recommends: The Race-Wise Family 

Co-authored by Helen Lee and Michelle Ami Reyes, The Race-Wise Family is a powerhouse resource for parents who want to lead their children well in matters of race. Saturated with love for God and his kingdom, every page reflects the grace of the gospel and the uncompromising truth of God’s Word. And because Lee and Reyes are mothers themselves, The Race-Wise Family overflows with highly practical (yet grace-informed) ways to raise race-wise children who love God and all God’s people.

Fear Factor: Fear of Talking with Our Children About Race with Dr. Michelle Reyes

In this important episode, Cameron and Anna talk with Michelle Reyes about the excellent new book she coauthored with Helen Lee: The Race-Wise Family: Ten Postures to Becoming Households of Healing Hope.

Other sites that we follow to hear Asian American voices

SOLA Network

SOLA Network exists to influence the emerging generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It serves as a digital platform for evangelical leaders, writers, speakers, and bloggers who share the same values of faith to provide Gospel-centered resources.

Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC)

The Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC) is committed to amplifying the voices, issues, and histories of Asian Americans in the church and larger society. We seek to address issues pertaining to Asian American Christians while remaining grounded in the historic Christian faith, rooted in Scripture, and in communion with the global Church. Our multimedia platform will offer resources that contribute to the development and understanding of Asian American theology, preaching, identity, current events, history, arts, and beyond.

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